Creamy Lobster Soup

Lobster soup, white chocolate cream.

2.990 kr.

Seafood Curry Soup

Flavourful seafood soup with curry and coconutmilk.

2.790 kr.

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup. Vegan

2.790 kr.

Deepfried Haddock

Tempura, potato salad & harissa.

2.990 kr.

Cod Row 3 ways

Creamed, smoked & breaded.

3.290 kr.

Duck Rille

Chicken liver parfait, apricot purré, orange sauce, blueberry vinaigrette with rosemary and chilli.

3.790 kr.

Bacalao (Salt Fish) Cake

Chorizo, creamed beetroot barley, beetroot glaze, chimi churi.

3.250 kr.

Fried Eggplant

Fried vegetables, beans & beetroot hummus. - Vegan

3.350 kr.

Fish House Burger

100 gr. rib-eye beef in focaccia bread, kimchi salad, marinated red onion, harissa mayo and potato salad.

3.890 kr.

Panfried Arctic Char

Glazed with garlic, pineapple and chorizo butter. Cauliflower purré, creamy cod roe and salad.

3.750 kr.

Panfried Cod

Miso-carrotpurré, mashed potatoes & mango-curry sauce.

3.850 kr.

Slowcooked Beef Ribs

Fondant potatoes, sweet potato purré, oyster mushrooms, beef broth with molasses and chocolate.

4.250 kr.